Introduction to .NET Framework. | Framework of Microsoft Dot Net

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Firstly before going deep into the language let us know how the compilation beyond the language is going on.
So any .NET Language follows the same flow to execute the source code as follows :

Procedural languages are not re usable & doesn’t provide security  , therefore we are with Object oriented programming here OOP provides re usability , and security .                                          
Generally we are not provided with the security  int the procedural languages as we see all the virus files in our machine are of .exe files.     
Generally the applications are divided as following 
 Initially Desktop Applications are:
  1. Character user Interface(CUI).
  2. Graphical User Interface(GUI).                                                                                        
 Web Applications 
 Mobile Applications and so on.
Introduction to .NET :
It is a product of MICROSOFT designed to be a platform independent (portable) and Object oriented (Secured & Reusable) which can be used in the development of the various kinds of the applications
To Develop the above applications we have to follow with the following things under .NET
  1. Languages   
  2. Technologies
  3. Servers
 Languages : C#.NET, VB.NET, F#.NET , J#.NET etc are the languages to write the logical code in our application.
– Technologies : ADO.NET, ASP.NET.
– Servers : Windows Server (Operating System) , SQL Server (Data Base), Web Server(IIS) , Biz Talk Server, Sharepoint Server.
Language Interoperability/ In-dependency :
.NET is a collection of languages programmers are given an option of developing their application using any language of their choice , but each and every language uses a separate language compiler for program compilation.
A program i.e., written using a .NET language once after compilation generates IL code and if at all the same program is written using different .NET languages and compiles they will also generates the same IL code so we call this IL code as CIL(Common Intermediate Language) code.

All the Object Oriented programming languages provide re usability of the code but only with in that language where as .NET languages provide “Cross Language Re usability” of the IL code i.e., the IL code generated from one .NET language can be re used from any other .NET languages in the future and we call this as language Interoperabiltity or In-dependency .

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