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In our previous article, We discussed about the character set in c language. In today’s article, We will discuss about Reserved words or Keywords in C Programming language.

Keywords in C Language:

There are some words in C programming like The if, while, int, etc. which have a predefined meaning for the C compiler. These words are known as Reserved words or Keywords.

Keywords Examples :

int, float, double,

We have 32 Keywords in the C Programming Language.

These keywords have predefined meaning for compiler and The Compiler know the functionality of each keyword. So we can’t use these keywords for other purposes in a C Programming.

For Example, int is a keyword. And compiler knowns that int should be used for creating an Integer variable. so we can’t use this 'int' keyword for any other purpose. Likewise We can’t name a variable with 'int' because int is a keyword.

All keywords are in Lowe case letters. As C Language is Case sensitive language. Make sure to use lower case letter properly to avoid compilation errors.

We can not use any keyword name for naming Variables, Functions, etc

📢. There are few rules which we need to follow while naming the identifiers, We have discussed about those rules in the following article, Please check for more info – Identifiers in C language | Rulers for defining Identifiers in C language – SillyCodes

List of Keywords in C Programming Language:

As we discussed earlier, The C programming language have 32 Keywords or Reserved words. Here is the list.


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