Bit wise Operators in C Language

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Bitwise operators in C language
Bitwise Operators are used for operations on Individual bits (please note that it is bits not Bytes one Byte contains 8 bits). C language is capable of bit level operation it is one the major Advantage of C language. C have six bitwise Operators here is the list.

Bitwise Operator
Bitwise AND
Bitwise OR
1’s Complement
Left Shift
Right Shift
Bitwise XOR

Quick Notes :

  1. Don’t Compare these bitwise operators with Logical operators. Logical Operators and Bitwise operators are Completely different. logical operators operates on Byte level and bitwise operators are operates on bit level.
  2. it is important to differentiate between bitwise operators & and | from the Logical Operators && and || .
  3. Bitwise Operators operates on  Integer data only
  4. Bitwise operators are faster then normal operators so it’s recommended to use bitwise operators if possible
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