History of C Language | History of Programming Language C

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History of C Language 

  1. The Programming Language term is started with FORTRAN Language in the year 1950.FORTRAN stands for Formula Translation language. 
  2.   After FORTRAN Language, The programming language ALGOL is Evaluated. ALGOL stands for Algorithmic Language.
  3.  C is evaluated from two previous Languages, BPCL and B.
  4.  BCPLis developed in 1967 by Martin Richards. BPCL is stands for Basic Combined  Programming Language.
  5.  In the year of 1970 from BPCL one more Programming language evaluated by Ken  Thomson. That is B-Language (Basic Language).
  6. The C Language was created by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs in the year 1972.
  7. In 1988, C programming language standardized by ANSI. That version is called as ANSI-CVersion.
  8. After few more changes in 2000 C programming language is standardized by ISO that is called C99. This is the final version of C language.

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