Features of C language | Characteristics of C Language

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Features of C Language :

  1. Modularity
  2. Portability
  3. Mid-level Language
  4. Simple language

Modularity : 

              Dividing program into subprograms (in c case functions). it is good practice to implement each sub-task as a separate program module. In C such modules are written as functions
Writing code with modular approach have many advantages few are
  • Easy Debugging
  • Readability
  • Code Re-usability
  • Clarity on each block(function)  


            C is Platform Dependent Language anyway it is Machine Independent language that means C program is 100 portable in same operating system but it is not portable under all Operating systems.
So we can use our c codes under any hardware with same operating system.
Note: C is Platform Dependent Language

Mid-Level Language 

            C Language have High level features (syntactically similar to english, modular approach) and as well as C also have low level features (in-line Assembly programming, Bit-wise data manipulation) so C is called as Mid-Level Language.
  • we can write application programs and System programs by using C language.
  • Mainly C is developed for system programming i.e Operating system programming.
  • C was developed under Unix operating system but advantage of entire UNIX operating system is re-written in C language. 

Simple Language 

                   C is Very easy language, keeping things as simple as possible consistent with the overall program objectives usually enhances the clarity and accuracy of a program.

Other C Characteristics 

  • Structured language
  • Pointers (by using pointers we can directly access memory)
  • It is High-Level Language
  • Extensive use of functions
  • In-Built library functions
  • C allows user to add his own functions to Library
  • Good File management structure  

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