Features of C language | Characteristics of C Language


In the previous article, We have discussed about the what is Machine Language. Now in this article, We will look at the features of C Programming Language

Features of C Language :

  • Modularity
  • Portability
  • Mid-level Language Features
  • Simple and Easy language

Let’s discuss about all above features in detail.

Modularity : 

              Dividing program into subprograms (in c case functions). it is good practice to implement each sub-task as a separate program module.

C Programming language functions gives us ability to divide our program into the small blocks of code.

It is always recommend to convert the repeating code blocks into the functions. so that we can simply call the function whenever we need that block of code. And if you want to change the logic, Then all you need to do is to change the single function and changes will be available at all places.

Writing code with modular approach have many advantages few are

  • Easy Debugging
  • Readability
  • Code Re-usability
  • Clarity on each block(function)


            C is Platform Dependent Language anyway it is Machine Independent language that means C program is 100% portable in same operating system but it is not portable under all Operating systems. So we can use our C code under any hardware with same operating system.  

📢. C is Platform Dependent Language

As long as you are sharing the C application on same operating system. The programs will work.

Multi-level Language Features:

            The C Language have High level features (syntactically similar to english, modular approach) and as well as C also have low level features (Like In-line Assembly programming, Bit-wise data manipulation, and Direct memory access with the pointers, etc) so We can say C-Language as Mid-Level Language.

Here are few things we can do with the C Language.

  • We can use C Language for Application Development.
  • C Programming Language can be used to do the System Programming.
  • C Language used in Low-latency applications ( Thanks to speed of C-Language)
  • Mainly C is developed for system programming i.e Operating system programming.
  • The C-Language was developed under Unix operating system but due to the advantages of C Programming Language. The entire UNIX operating system is re-written in C language.

Easy Language:

                  The C-Language is Very easy language, keeping things as simple as possible and consistent with the overall program objectives.

It is looks close to English and Learning and Understanding the C Language is easy compared to the languages came before it.

Other Characteristics of C Programming Language:

  • Structured language
  • Pointers (by using pointers we can directly access memory)
  • It is High-Level Language
  • Extensive use of functions
  • In-Built library functions
  • C allows user to add his own functions to Library
  • Good File management structure  


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