Elements of C Language



Here is the list of articles on the Building blocks or the Basic Elements of the C programming Language.

Elements of C Language:

Like any other programming language, C also has a few basic building blocks which are used to write the C programs.

Elements like Character sets, Keywords or Reserved words, Operators and Variables, etc are called as the Building blocks of any programming language.

These foundational elements, we can use to create our application logic.

Here is the List of Elements of the C language.

List of Basic Elements of C Language:

  1.  Character set in C
  2.  Keywords
  3.  Operators
  4.  Constants
  5.  Identifiers & Rules to Defining Identifiers
  6.  Variables
  7.  Datatypes
  9.  Statements

📢 We have discussed about each element in detail, so please click on the elements list to learn more about it.


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  1. Eniya Elango says:

    Write a program to find the sum of positive numbers in an array.

    Input Format:

    Input consists of n+1 integers. The first integer corresponds to ‘n’ , the size of the array. The next ‘n’ integers correspond to the elements in the array. Assume that the maximum value of n is 15.

    Output Format:

    Refer sample output for details.

    Sample Input :







    Sample Output :

    The sum of the positive numbers in the array is 19

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