Installing OpenSIPS from the Debian Package on Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian 8 jessie


Installing OpenSIPS on Debian / Ubuntu:

OpenSIPS is not included in the Ubuntu Official Repositories. So we need to add it exclusively. Let’s start by adding OpenSIPS apt repo.

Adding Repo link:

Go to and Select the appropriate Operating system. In my case, I am using Ubuntu 14.04 trusty so Debian Equivalent of 14.04 is Debian 8 Jessie. So, I selected Debian 8.x.
Then you need to select the desired version from the list, In my case I want to install the OpenSIPS latest version 2.1 Stable. 
Then copy the Repo deb link.

Create one new file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/opensips.list and paste the repo link you selected in above step.

Adding the archive key:

This archive self-signs packages uploaded to it (and packages uploaded are verified against a whitelist of trusted uploaders) using OpenPGP (GnuPG, to be more precise).

The key of the archive is in the key.asc file. You should add the key using something like this:

Note: Run the below command as root user.

wget -qO – | apt-key add –apt-get update

Installing OpenSIPS from Debian Package:

After updating apt-cache, Install the OpenSIPS using following Command

apt-get install opensips

Above command only installs Opensips core, if you want to use MySQL database with Opensips you need to install opensips MySQL module using the following command.

apt-get install opensips-mysql-module

And Here is the list of all available OpenSIPS modules, you can install any module just adding apt-get install before it.

OpenSIPS Available Modules:

apt-get install opensips opensips-mysql-module opensips-postgres-module opensips-unixodbc-module / opensips-jabber-module opensips-cpl-module opensips-radius-modules opensips-presence-modules / opensips-xmlrpc-module opensips-perl-modules opensips-snmpstats-module opensips-xmpp-module / opensips-carrierroute-module opensips-berkeley-module opensips-ldap-modules opensips-geoip-module / opensips-regex-module opensips-identity-module opensips-b2bua-module opensips-dbhttp-module opensips-console

If you want to Install Opensips from SOURCE CODE refer my  article on Installing OpenSIPS from Source Code.

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