Installing VSFTPD in Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 Servers


Todays article, We are going to discuss about the FTP server installation on Ubuntu based systems. We have VSFTP Server Ubuntu, Which is ftp server. So we will look at the VSFTP server installation and configuration process on Ubuntu.

Installing and Configuring VSFTPD ftp server in CentOS and Ubuntu based systems

VSFTPD Installation on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 :

Install the FTP server using the following command.


Configuring VSFTPD Server :

Open the vsftpd Configuration File.

Now change the following parameters like below. 

We are not going to allow Anonymous logins, So set anonymous_enable=NO. Similarly change the following parameters as well. 

make the above changes and save the file

Now Create the FTP user :

Create a user to access the ftp server. Here i am creating the  ftpuser user.

change the password for the user.

Now give all permissions on the home directory, Here i am going to host some files in  /var/www/html/  are giving permission for ftpuser on /var/www/html/ 

Create a ftpusers group and then add ftpuser to ftpusers group.

Open the firewall port 21 for FTP

Now restart the vsftpd server

Then try to connect to the FTP server using any FTP client such as FileZilla with the ftpuser credentials.


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  1. If anybody gets Apache 403 forbidden Error,

    Use /etc/vsftpd.conf


  2. D Stevens says:

    Re user creation: in Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, there is no script /sbin/nologin; you will need to use /usr/sbin/nologin instead.

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