sipp installation on ubuntu 18.04/20.04 server from source code


sipp is one of the most useful tool to perform the SIP testing. We can use sipp as the UAC or UAS depending upon our need. In this article, We will see how sipp installation is performed from the source code on Ubuntu Linux.

With the help of sipp, We can also create complex test cases and see how infrastructure is behoving.

We can also generate thousands of calls to perform the stress testing of your infrastructure.

📢 This Tutorial is written for the older version of Ubuntu. But the steps will be most probably applicable for the latest version of the Ubuntu Linux as well.

Sipp Installation On Ubuntu:


Here is the step by step procedure to install the sipp sip stress testing tool.

First of all install all the necessary dependencies using the following command.

Then get the latest sipp tar file from the github

Extract the file using the tar command.

Once the untar is completed. Go to extracted folder and then run the autoconfig and configure and make to install the sipp on your system. look below for more details.

That’s it you have successfully installed the sipp on your ubuntu linux box.

You can check your sipp installtion by running the following sipp command.

If you get the following output, Then your installation is working fine.

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