Quick Tip : configure: *** The PJPROJECT installation appears to be missing or broken. Asterisk error.

As we already know Asterisk support PJSIP stack also. If you want to use PJSIP stack instead of Asterisk default chan_sip channel.  You need to install the PJSIP library’s as shared library’s and then use them while configuring the Asterisk.

First of Install the PJSIP by downloading it from the official PJSIP website or from the asterisk compatible GitHub repository.
After building and installing pjproject, Asterisk fails to detect any of the libraries – the various res_pjsip components cannot be selected in Asterisk’s menuselect or you will get some error messages like below.

This is typically the problem of pkg-config    

To get ride of this problem simply install the pkg-config using following command in Debian or Ubuntu based systems.
Then try to configure Asterisk again, If you still face the same problem. There may be problem with shared library’s This can be solved by running following command.
Then verify the PJSIP shared library’s are available or not by running below command.
Then try again running the Asterisk configure command. Most probably you will see beautiful Asterisk ASCII art.
If you want to Install the Asterisk from the Source Please follow the below article.


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