How to Install free SSL certificates using CertBot CA in ubuntu

In our previous post, We discussed how to install SSL Certificates from Certbot or letsencrypt CA in Debian. Now in this tutorial, we will try to create the SSL certificates in Ubuntu server. Let’s get started.

Installing Apache web server

First of all, We need to install the apache web server. Please use the following command to install it.

Then enable apache SSL module and restart the apache web server.

Now Apache web server is installed and listening on the port 80. You can check it by pointing your browser to your website address.

Creating free SSL certificates using Certbot CA

Now we need to download the certbot installer. So use below command to download the installer.

Creating and installing Free SSL certificates using certbot

Then give the execution permission to the certbot script using the following command.

Now Certbot script is ready to run, Before running the script make sure your server have valid DNS record. Because CertBot is not providing the SSL certificates for IP addresses. So Please get one domain name for your server if you don’t have one now. Once you got the domain name run the installer like below.

We need to specify the domain name after the d argument. So replace the  with your desired domain name. then hit Enter.

Now the installer will install all dependencies and ask for your confirmation before installing, So give yes to continue the installation.

Sample Output:

Then the installer will ask you for the recovery email address, This email address is used for recovery of certs and you will also get the certificate expiry reminders. So give one email id and continue.

SSL certificates creating on Debian 7 or 8 with Let's Encrypt CA

Then you need to accept the letsencrypt subscriber agreement. Press Agree and continue.

Agree the let's encrypt or Certbot subscriber Agreement

Then it will ask you for the type of security. You can choose anything here. Secure will redirect all HTPP request to HTTPS. Select desired option and hit ok.

CertBot EASY or Secure connection window.

If everything went well, You will be presented with a congratulations screen saying you are successfully created and installed SSL certificates. you can test your SSL connection by visiting provided URL.

You will also get IMPORTANT NOTES screen, When you can find Expire date of the Certificates and Folder of the certificates.

Successfully created SSL Certificates for your site using CERTBOT CA.

Now your SSL certificates are available under the /etc/letsencrypt/live  folder.

That’s it, Congratulations, You’re successfully created and Installed SSL certificates for your Apache web server.


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