Installing Blink Soft phone on Ubuntu Linux

In this article, We are going to install blink soft phone on ubuntu linux system

Blink is not included in ubuntu official repositories. So let’s start the installation by adding repo link to your apt repo’s.

Adding Repository:

First of all add the ag-project repository to your ubuntu sources. To do this go to below link

I am using ubuntu 14.04, so I selected ubuntu trusty, Select your desired repo based on your Ubuntu version and copy the repo link, we don’t need deb-src repo because we are not going to install blink using the source code.

For Ubuntu Trusty :

Then create a file, and paste the repo link you copied from above step.

vim /etc/apt/sources.list.d/blink.listdeb trusty main    // paste this deb link

Install AG Projects software signing key:

Next download and add signing key for blink like below.

sudo apt-key add agp-debian-gpg.key

Then update the apt cache

apt-get update

Now Install the blink using following command.

apt-get install blink


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