Installing OpenSIPS using Debian Package (apt-get install) on Ubuntu

Update:  New Article on Installing OpenSIPS from Debian Package on Ubuntu 14.04 is published, Please refer that Article for more details.

First of all add OpenSIPS Debian package repository  to the Ubuntu source package repository,

To do this go to add any of the apt repositories to In your /etc/apt/source.list.

Select the desired debian repository based on your OS version at the

Adding the archive key:

This archive self-signs packages uploaded to it (and packages uploaded are verified against a whitelist of trusted uploaders) using OpenPGP (GnuPG, to be more precise).

The key of the archive is in thekey.asc file. You should add the key using something like this:

Installing OpenSIPS from Debian Package (apt-get install ) :

After updating apt-cache, Install the OpenSIPS using following Command

apt-get install opensips

Above command only installs Opensips core, if you want to use MySQL database with Opensips you need to install opensips MySQL module using the following command.

apt-get install opensips-mysql-module

And Here is the list of all available OpenSIPS modules, you can install any module just adding apt-get install before it.

OpenSIPS Available Modules:

apt-get install opensips opensips-mysql-module opensips-postgres-module opensips-unixodbc-module / opensips-jabber-module opensips-cpl-module opensips-radius-modules opensips-presence-modules / opensips-xmlrpc-module opensips-perl-modules opensips-snmpstats-module opensips-xmpp-module / opensips-carrierroute-module opensips-berkeley-module opensips-ldap-modules opensips-geoip-module / opensips-regex-module opensips-identity-module opensips-b2bua-module opensips-dbhttp-module opensips-console

If you want to Install Opensips from SOURCE CODE refer my  article on Installing OpenSIPS from Source Code.


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