The Great Tree In My Home an Inspirational poem by Dr.APJ ABDUL KALAM

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam quote The Great Tree in My home:

The Great Tree in My Home Poem:

Oh the tree in my home,

You are great, among trees,

So many generations were enriched

Through decades, with your help, so kind,

Many now live under your sagely care,

Oh my friend Kalam,

I Crossed age hundred like your father and mother.

Everyday morning, you walk an hour

I also see you on full moon nights,

Walking with a thinking mood.

I know my friend, the thoughts in your mind,

What can I give?

When in April, you look at me,

Again and again with deep concern,

Seeing me shed thousands of leaves,

You ask me my friend, What is my burden?

Leaves I shed to give birth to new leaves,

Flowers bloom attracting butterflies and bees.

So, Kalam, it is not burden for me,

It is a beautiful phase of my life.

Year after year, says the tree,

“I give and give.”

So I remain young and happy.

Bharat Ratna Dr. ABJ ABDUL Kalam


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