voipmonitor installation on Ubuntu 20.04

Voipmonitor Installation on Ubuntu Linux:


Image Source : http://voipmonitor.org


VoIPMonitor Installation Dependencies :

First of all, let’s install all the dependencies for the voipmonitor installation Here we are going to install VoIPMonitor from source code so we need all these dependencies installed.

So let’s get started by installing following packages.

We also need snappy, get the snappy source code from GitHub and run the following commands to install.

Snappy Install on Ubuntu:

Install gperftools :

we need the following dependency for gperftools 

Now clone the  gperftools po and install

Now we have all dependencies in our system, Now go ahead and install the VoIPMonitor to monitor all your VoIP calls.

VoIPmonitor Installation on Ubuntu  :

Goto your desired folder and clone the VoIPMonitor GitHub repo and run the following configure, make and make install commands.

Now VoIPMonitor is installed on your system, You can configure the VoIPMonitor using it’s configuration file, Which is located at /etc/voipmonitor.conf.

Analysing PCAP files using VoIPMonitor:

We can analyze the PCAP files using the VoIPMonitor, Run the following command to get the Jitter and packet loss and all call related data.

That’s it. You have successfully installed and configured VoIPMonitor.

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