Binary to Decimal in C using function


Binary to Decimal in C using function Program Description:

Write a Program to convert the Binary to Decimal in C using function. We need to create a function which takes a binary number as a input and returns decimal equivalent of it., The input number should only contain the digits zero’s and one’s.

Example Input and Output:


Enter a Binary Number: 0011010


Binary number 11010 is equal to decimal 26


It is recommended to go through the following articles to better understand the binary to decimal conversion program using functions.

Binary to Decimal in C using function Algorithm:

  1. Start the program by accepting a integer number from the user and store it variable called num
  2. Define a function called binaryToDecimal, The binaryToDecimal function should accept an long integer as input value and convert it into a decimal value. Here are the details of the binaryToDecimal function.
    • The function accepts a long integer and returns an integer.
    • If the user provides invalid input, binaryToDecimal function return -1 value. The input can be considered invalid if it is a negative number or contains any number other than the zeroes and ones.
    • If the number is valid, Then we use the the for loop to convert the binary number to a decimal number.
    • The logic is to get each digit of the binary number num and use the power function to calculate the power of 2 (as it is a binary number) with respect to the digit at the given position.
    • We use the math.h header file pow function to calculate the power. i.e pow(2, i)
    • Once the loop is terminated, The variable  decimal contains the converted number. return the decimal variable.
  3. Call the binaryToDecimal function from the main function. As the decimalToBinary function returns a integer number, store it in variable called result.
  4. Check the resultvariable
    • if result is -1, Then num is invalid number, display the error message.
    • otherwise, The binaryTodecimal function successfully converted the binary to a decimal number. Display the result.
  5. stop

Binary to Decimal in C using function Program:

As we are using the pow function, We need to include the math.h header file.

Here is the prototype details of the binaryToDecimal function.

  • int <strong>binaryToDecimal</strong>(long int num)
  • function_name: binaryToDecimal
  • arguments_list: long int
  • return_type: int
    • onError returns -1
    • onSuccess returns decimal value

Program Output:

To compile the program we need include the -lm compilation option as we are using the math library’s pow function.

$ gcc binary-decimal-function.c  -lm

The above command produces the executable file ( a.out).

Let’s run the program.

Test Case 1: Try Valid Binary Numbers:

As we can see from the above output, Program is properly converting the binary number into the a decimal value.


Test Case 2: Negative numbers and invalid numbers test case:

As excepted, The program is displaying the error message ( Invalid Input, Try Again) on Invalid Numbers like negative numbers and numbers with non-binary digits.

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