C program to calculate the Grade of Student using Percentage | Grading program in C

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Find the grade of a student by reading marks or by taking Percentage. Here we are assuming greater than 80 percentage or marks as grade A, if the Marks are between 80-60 Grade is B, if the marks are between 60-40 grade is C, If student got marks below 40 it means he is Failed.

Algorithm : 

Step 1 : start
Step 2 : read marks or Percentage
Step 3 : if marks >= 80 then grade =A, go to step 7
Step 4 : if marks >= 60 and marks <=80 then grade = B, go to step 7
Step 5 : if marks >=40 and marks <=60 then grade = C go to step 7
Step 6 : display failed
Step 7 : display grade.
Step 8 : stop.

Flow Chart :


Program :

Output :

student grading Program in C
Output of Student Grading Program 

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2 Responses

  1. Judy Nekoye says:

    Hey, kindly help me with this: Write a pseudocode that multiply positive integers x and y by using addition and subtraction only

    • Hi Judy,

      #include <stdio.h>
      int main(void) {

      int x, y, i, mul=0;
      printf("Enter x and y values : ");

      mul = mul + x;
      printf("Multiplication is : %d \n",mul);
      return 0;

      1) Take the input from user and store them in x and y.
      2) Now create a for loop, That will loop from 1 to the y.
      3) For each iteration we are going to add x to mul. Mul is variable which is initially 0 and we are adding x to mul. Means we are
      multiplying the value.
      4) This process will repeat until we reach the y. Once we reach, Loop will break and Multiplication value is stored in variable mul
      5) display the mul value on the console.


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