Program to calculate Perimeter and Area of Rectangle in C Language

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This program is for Calculating the Perimeter and Area of a Rectangle in C programming Langauge.

most of us already know the formula’s to calculate the Perimeter and Area of the Rectangle.

Anyway, here are the formulas for Perimeter and Area.

Area of Rectangle Formula:

Area of Rectangle = b × h. 

Where b = breadth and h = Height

Perimeter of Rectangle Formula:

The Perimeter of Rectangle = 2(b) + 2(h)

Where b = breadth and h = Height

Calculate Perimeter and Area of Rectangle in C Program :

We are going to take the user input for the Length and Breadth values. We are considering the length and Breadth as the Float values, So you can give the float and integer values.

Once we got the user input, We are going to apply the above Area and Perimeter formulas to Calculate the results.

Finally, We are going to print the results onto the console.

Program Output:

Here is the output for the program for different Length and Breadth values.

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