Cool Browser tips and tricks

Hi guys,

Today i’m going to share few Internet tricks or Browser tricks..

Use your browser as Notepad :

To perform this trick just copy paste the below url into your browser url bar


Use your Browser as Notepad but this time in Night mode :

To do this just copy paste below url into your browser url bar


Use even your from out side of US :

We all are know that google redirects to in india similarly in England it will redirects to If you are inside of USA then you can use cannit redirect’s other google domains). 

So if you are from outside of USA and still want to use then use below trick

Use instead of

To see How google look like in 1998 :

search google in 1998 in google search (Bold letters only)

Make google to do a Barrel role :

Just type do a barrel role in google search box

Play a game in google Image search results :

Search for “Atari Breakout” in Google and press i’m feeling lucky.. Then your game starts

Google Game with zero’s  :

This is old one but still pretty interesting google trick to perform this Just search Zerg Rush in google search.

search zerg rush and see the magic

that’s it hope you enjoy’d it.

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Hi Guys, I am Venkatesh. I am a programmer and an Open Source enthusiast. I write about programming and technology on this blog.

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    Thanks For Sharing This Trick, It works fine.I Really Appreciate You For This Post. It Was Really Helpful. Keep It Up And Thanks Again.

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