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Google search and tips :

         Google is one of the best search engine in the world. Here i am sharing few google search and tips many of us don’t know these tricks.i am already shared one post on google tricks, that contains 5-6 tricks but today i am going to share many hidden google tricks. I also included GIF images for easy understanding. Hope you will enjoy it.

Google Gravity :

open google.com and type google gravity in search bar, then click the first link.now you in google gravity mode. Search for anything.

Google Terminal :

open google.com and type google terminal then click on first link it will take you to elgoog.im site. Then wait for google logo then hit s to start searching.. below image shows same thing.


And this elgoog site also contains many google tricks.

Google Mirror :

search for google mirror in google search bar. click on the first link. the below image shows the same.


Google sphere :

search for google sphere then click first link.

Google Underwater :

Goto google.com then search for elgoog, click the first link select underwater mode. now your using google in underwater mode.

Google guitar :

goto elgoog site select guitar option you will get guitar doodle you can play with that guitar.here is the snapshot.

Google pac-man :

goto elgoog.im site select pac-man option. you can play pac-man game.

Google Snake :

to play snake game in google home page, goto elgoog.im select snake game option. you are game on.

Weenie google :

To see google in small fonts and small images. to perform this trick search for weenie google then click on first link.

Epic Google :

To see google in large fonts.. search for epic google in google search then click on first link.

Google Rainbow :

To perform this trick search for google rainbow then click on first link.below image shows the same.

Google Calculator :

to calculate anything just type calculator in google. you will get calculator in search results.

Google Graphs :

This is one the most useful trick, if you want draw any graph it will take nearly 2-5 minutes but if you have internet you don’t need anything just type it in google. you will get your graph.
ex : graph for cos x

Google Current time :

to know current time just type time  or current time in google it will tell you the exact time.

Google as Currency Converter :

To convert one currency to other currency type currency converter in google it will give currency converter in search results.

Google as Unit Converter :

to see this just type unit converter in google

Google Population :

To see any country’s population just type Country-name population.
ex : india population

Google Timer :

To setup a online timer using google just type  timer for <time>  here  time may be seconds or minutes or hours. google (or) browser will automatically play a alarm.

Note : Do not close that tab while timer is Running.

here is the few examples.
Ex: timer for 1 hour 10 minutes 5 seconds
      timer for 30 minutes
      timer for 10 seconds
That’s it, hope you all enjoy this tricks..
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