Largest of two numbers using conditional operator

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Write a C Program to find the largest of two numbers using the conditional operator in C Language.

The program should accept two numbers and find the largest. The program should use only the C Language conditional operator.




Syntax Conditional Operator in C:

Condition ?  TrueExpression : FalseExpression

If the Condition is True then the TrueExpression will be executed.

Similarly, If the Condition is false, Then FalseExpression will be executed.

We can have nested conditional Operators in C Langauge.

We have discussed the conditional operators in detail in the following post – C Language: Conditional Operator (? 🙂 Tutorial | Ternary Operator/ Conditional operator tutorial with Examples – SillyCodes

Largest of Two numbers in C Program :

Largest of Two numbers Program Output:

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