What is Programming Languages and Types of programming languages

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Programming Language 

                  Programming language is special type of instructions which are useful to communicate with computers in other words it is a communication channel between programmer and computer.
          There different types of programming languages are there but basically all languages are falls under two categories those two types are
  1. Low-level Language
  2. High level Languages  

Low-Level programming languages

                   Programming languages in symbolic format and not easy to write and understand those languages are called as Low-level programming languages
  • Low level programming languages are in form of mnemonics like SUB,ADD,MOV…etc
  • maintaining code, writing, debugging of this type of language is not easy compared with High level programming languages.
  • Low-level languages are Hardware dependent languages we cannot reuse code on different hardware devices.
  • Assembly level language is best example for low level programming language  

High-Level programming language 

         Programming Languages syntactically similar to english and easy to understand and Independent of Hardware are referred as High level programming languages.
  • High-level programming languages are independent of hardware.
  • High-Level programming languages easy compared with low level languages
  • Basic advantage of High-Level languages are easy to understand,read,write,maintain,debug.
  • Anyway program written in high level language need to translated into Machine level language (because computer understand machine level language only) this is take care by our compilers
  • Examples of High level languages are 
    • C-language
    • Java
    • C#(c sharp)… more 
Anyway these are main two types of programming languages
but unfortunately these two type of languages are not understand by computer. Computer understands Machine language only. 


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